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  1. sir, thanks for yr reply for my mail regarding yr charting software.(venugopal from chennai). for the last 3 years i have been doing intraday trading in mcx crude and natural gas mostly without gains. i can browse thro' the mcx/nymex data and get the technical levels for the day. but i need a confirmation as to which direction the price will pick up which till date i cannot master. i use to see the fundamentals also of both crude and natural gas and want to do trading on a long term (positional) basis only when i get the confidence to enter the trade. till then i will continue with intraday. by looking the charts i want to learn to catch the direction. your chart is useful as it works. i look forward to your suggestions and further advice regarding software. thanks & regards.

  2. mr.Santra. do you have any other real time trading software on cost basis?


  4. very intelligent in young age

  5. for android mobile any charting software available with you ? and odin1 to odin4 in your site what ? also charting software?

  6. please provide chart for currency it will be of great help

  7. very good but there you can add more scripts to chart nse and nfo

  8. Kindly inform certain data regarding supertrend of yours is working.What is value of ATR_multiplier & ATR_period under which your supertrend is working? From ur website we can see 10 min and day chart only. Why can't 5 min chart ? which is advisable. Kindly reply. Regards

  9. Sir iam writing this from hyderabad few days back i found your sight while iam searching for comodity tips.till then iam observing and cant able to pick the movement exactly,so could u give me the sugetions and farmalities regarding this sight.thank you.

  10. Sir, Very much useful. If u give volume indicator it will be still more useful. Kindly consider.Thanks.


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